The wooden window with a construction depth of 68 mm has very good statics and provides optimal heat and sound insulation. They impress with their modern and at the same time aesthetic design and are made of the following types of wood: pine or oak, wood profiles IV68 mean energy-efficient construction, healthy lifestyle and stylish atmosphere and are suitable for construction, renovation and renovation of residential and commercial buildings protection. Thanks to the thin frame construction, the IV68 wooden windows bring more natural light into the interior and offer the comfort of living with sophisticated architecture.

Profiles with a real castle strip (water nose) meet the requirements in the field of renovation and monuments, and at the same time meet modern requirements in terms of comfort and thermal insulation. The manufacturer adjusts the color of the handle cover (white, matt metal, matt gold, dark bronze) to the color of the window. Optionally, the sash handle can be selected in the color of the window. If the window has a castle rail, a metal rain guard is not required.



A wooden window with thermally optimized spacers in the space between the glasses provides high thermal insulation values. At a time when energy costs are rising every day, this very good insulation pays off in heating costs and is good for your wallet and the environment. The ecological benefits of wood as a material can be seen in both production and disposal. The elements are extremely sustainable products with a guaranteed quality guarantee in accordance with the strict RAL and DIN criteria.
Wooden windows have the ability to regulate humidity. On the one hand, a wooden window absorbs moisture when the humidity is high. The wooden window, in turn, transfers moisture to the dry room air. This automatically creates a pleasant indoor climate, which provides comfort in the room and this feature also helps prevent the formation of mold on the walls.